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 C R A P    F R E E    S K I N    C A R E  
c u t   t h e   c r a p .   s a v e   y o u r   s k i n .

vegan  l  organic  l  natural  l  cruelty free  l  gluten free  l  paraben free 

t e s t i m o n i a l s
When You Wish You Had More Space To Share The Love...

To everyone at Crap Free Skin Care,
I heard of this brand on the Kimberly and Beck show, I love my Kimberly so I decided to give it a try.
 I fell in love with the products especially, the make me younger dammit moisturizer. I looked like I was glowing, my skin was the best it has been and I struggle with acne prone skin. None of these products have made me break out. 
So I knew this was a winner and decided to tell my family about it. I'm going to ramble now....
My Aunt B who was going through chemo for Pancreatic cancer. She tried everything to make her skin feel better. Nothing worked, till she received these products.
They made such a huge difference in her skin, her face was hydrated and glowing. She was thankful that I told her about this brand. Aunt Beth was always into her looks and these products uplifted her spirits, made her still feel beautiful.  
  Aunt B passed away last week, it has not been easy. 
I saw her crap free products on the kitchen table where she always sat, I knew she used these everyday and loved them. I couldn't help looking at those containers and thinking wow, something so small and simple impacted her in such a beautiful way. 
I am so thankful for this company and these products. 
You all have done such a great job with these, I can't stress enough how your products not only change skin but change lives. I feel really good knowing I was able to give my Aunt something to help her in such a tough situation. 
With all of my heart, I Thank You.

Taylor S., Rochester, NY

Hello Crap Free Skin Care team!
Ok, confession time… I AM one of those skeptical people with a tendency to scope things out before I jump in and buy something new. After I read several reviews from previous customers, I was curious to see if your line would truly prove be any better than all of the other product lines that I have tried over the years. I have tried countless skin care lines for my problem skin over the duration of my life!
I happen to teach medicine for the local university, and pharmacology has been one of the courses that I have taught for several years. Since I inherently search for facts and proof, I did a little research…No, I actually did quite a bit of research on each item and every listed component in your Crap Free Skin Care product line. I have to tell you, I am incredibly impressed with these products and every element of your formulas! These products are packed with pure, organic, cruelty-free, ingredients, and every component has a purpose from: anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, antioxidant, to essential vitamins for the skin. Having used the full line for several months now, I can say unequivocally, this is the most effective skin care line I have ever used, and my skin looks and feels healthier, smoother, and softer than before. Well done!
Karen T., Hiawatha, KS

"I ordered some moisturizer and now I'm approximately 27% girlier and I'm not sure how I feel about that.  I mean, I washed my face today with something called 'facial cleansing oil'. *Blankstare* I'm from Vermont.  We bathe in snowbanks with straight lye and rock salt, fer f*$k's sake.  Dry cracked skin? Slap some f*$king bag balm on it.  If it's good enough for Bessie's udder, it's good enough for us. But in just one day my face is already less baboon's ass and more baby's butt so I'd have to say I'm fer it." Tamara R., Springfield, Vermont

"Quit wearing foundation today.  Have I mentioned lately that you're a skin genius? And it's "that time of the month" so it should be breakout city and it's just NOT.  If I'm ever pronounced dead, put some serum on me cause maybe I'll come back (LOL). It's magic!  How come EVERYONE isn't doing this? It's just completely different from anything else out there! So impressive and awesome.  I'm dating again so you're really helping my case!" Coral O., Los Angeles, CA

"Really like the Clean my face dammit, cleans with out drying and feels great!, Make me younger dammit and Make me look like I slept! All great Stuff and affordable!" Barb W., Rochester, NY

​"Holy Crap Free Skincare! I just wanted to drop a note of how awesome your product is. I used Mary Kay for years as it was unrivaled for me. I decided to try your products and I cannot say enough good things about them! My skin looks better than it has in years and at times, when I've been lazy and just used whatever is handy to wash my face instead, i pay for it with breakouts. The second i clean my face again with your amazing products, it clears up! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for creating such an amazing skin care regimen! And, I always love the little extra surprises in my orders. Much love to you and yours Sabrina [❤] [😘]  Thanks for keeping it real and being you! You are such a blessing!" Kim R., Edwardsport, IN 

"Washing my face before bed used to feel a bit like a chore. Now that I use Crap Free Cleansing Oil, I actually look forward to it. This oil unclogs pores better than anything I've tried before without causing irritation.. Using the warm wash cloth to remove the oil is like being in a spa for a few moments. The mix of oils used in this product is just right for my skin. My skin looks better than it has in years.
Congrats on creating a great company!
Nini" Anita D., Lexington, KY

"I love these products! 5 STARS from me...And I'm a huge skin care line junkie. My skin feels amazing.  Great job with this line! Your line is simply the best smelling, immediate seen results, and my skin is so soft and supple. I saw results after one night of use!" Truly the best products I've ever used!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️" Tracy L., Dallas, Georgia

"Love these products!  I just started using the cleansing oil! It is awesome, very gentle, love the aroma which is very delicate.  My skin doesn't feel 'abused' after using it and it works fabulously on eye makeup-no scrubbing required! Thank you!"  May V., Rochester, NY.

"My husband started to use the shaving oil and he said he loves it so much, and he was using Aidan Gill! Thank you!" Claire L., New Orleans

​"I LOOOOVE my new Crap Free products!!! Not only do I feel so good putting them on my face, and knowing I'm not cramming chemicals into my body, but my face is so shiny and happy! It feels amazing!!! WELL DONE! Thank you!!! You are onto something huge here!!" Tracey W., Astoria, NY​

"Where to start? I order based of the reviews I read on another FB Page. I thought, sure, it might work? It might not. It doesn't seem pricey enough to work as good as these people are saying it does. My box comes. I open it and OMG! Every, single item was beautifully wrapped like it was Christmas! Not at all expected. So, does it work? 2 weeks later...Like NOTHING I HAVE EVER USED BEFORE! Love, love, love, love this crap! Thank you!" Angel C., Scottsdale, AZ

...I just wanted to tell you about how one of your products helped me! A few months ago I started occasionally getting these very dry, itchy, red, painful patches of skin near my mouth. The skin is extremely dry and flaky to the point where make up just makes it look worse. They are probably hormone related since I tend to get them during my period. I haven't been to a dermatologist about them but I think they might be psoriasis. Anyway, there was nothing I could do to moisturizer them! I would slather Vaseline and aquaphor and the spots would just get drier and flakier and last for about a week and a half. Anyway, my mom gave me a bottle of "clean my face dammit" a few weeks ago and I'd been using it to wash my face and really liked it. I decided to try leaving a bit of it on the spots overnight and it helped immensely! No longer itchy, my skin finally felt moisturized and they cleared up in less than 2 days. So thank you!! Just wanted to let you know how much I like your product :) I thought you might also want to tell people who might struggle with issues like mine about the alternative use for the face wash. Oh and leaving the oil on didn't cause acne! I've got acne prone skin and figured putting oil on my face and leaving it for hours would break me out but it didn't." Delaney G., Lexington, KY

"I just used your products ! Love them ! Thank you so much for the sample of face oil .. 
Thank you so much for the quick delivery!! 
Diane" Diane R., Richmond, TX

"I would like to first say that I have never written to anyone about the products I've purchased or used.  Not even done a review on Amazon.  But I had to email you to tell you, THANK YOU!  I've been using Crap Free for the last two months and I'm blown away by the difference in my skin! I saw a friend yesterday that I hadn't seen in a while and she said I looked like I was drinking "growing younger juice!" Naturally I told her what I was doing and she whipped out her phone and ordered the "Gimme All Of It, Dammit!" right there! I also started using the cleansing oil 2 weeks ago and again, blown away.  I just can't thank you enough! I'm an official "Crap Addict" and proud of it!" Melissa J., Los Angeles, CA

"Does it make sense to refer to a skin care product as delicious?  I find that's what I say when people ask me about what I'm using on my skin - 'OMG, I've got this delicious, clean, NO CRAP, yummy product!'  First, it smells wonderful, it feels luxurious to the touch & I FINALLY have something to use on my face & body that doesn't make me worry about the TOXIC CRAP that's in it.  My skin texture is so soft, pores are smaller, fine lines have disappeared.  I look 10 years younger than I am most of the time, now it's easily 15 years younger all the time!  Secondly, my neck!  Yes, I'm in "that" age range.  The lines on my neck are significantly less visible.  It makes you want to slather Make Me Younger, Dammit! all over your body - this Crap WORKS!  I can't say enough good things about this product.  Please, please, please don't change it - ever."  Nicci B., Santa Monica, CA

"My skin has never felt better since its been Crap Free!! In this high dry altitude too!!"  Kristy C., Colorado Springs, CO.

"Words can't describe how much I love this stuff!  I truly can already tell a difference with my skin, already getting compliments on my skin and its only been a week! Telling everyone I know to go "Crap Free"!"  Allison G., Rochester, NY.

"I'm "kinda happy" would be a gross understatement.  In three weeks, I definitely have less wrinkles, my skin tone is actually even and my face, looks, awesome.  I don't know how this works better than anything else I've used in 45 years but it does!"  Marilyn V., Rochester, NY

"My skin feels much better after using this daily!!!"
Alisa B., Buffalo, NY

"The labels are spot on- I noticed a difference in my skin tone and texture so quickly. I have been approached again and again about how great my skin looks. I knew I could tell a difference, but it is neat to hear it from others...I love to use the face scrub just before leaving the house- I can tell an immediate difference. By combining it with the creams, my skin appears well rested and healthy."  Lauren G., New Orleans

"Quick shout out: THANK YOU to the team at Crap Free who make fantastic clean, affordable products. 
The new bath bombs are my new favorite self care treat! Thank you Sabrina, Nicole and the Crap Free Team ❤️🙏
#crapfree" Elizabeth B., Los Angeles, CA

"It's been two weeks since these jars of gloriousness arrived at my house.  I couldn't believe how much product there was! I'm used to paying double for a third of the cream I get! I am in love!  Not even funny how much better my skin looks!  Please, please make a face wash! Please!"  Gina B., Los Angeles

"I've just used the polish, moisturizer and eye cream this morning, for the first time.  Went to work and 3 co-workers immediately said, "There's something different, you look great!" One time use, I'll take that. I think you should charge more, but after I buy a year supply.  Thank you!"  Robin S., NYC 

"Holy Crap! is right! I honestly can't believe my skin after 2 weeks.  This "crap free" is a dream for this vegan, no crap on my skin, girl.  And even my husband loves the shaving oil! Who knew!" Sara K., Charlotte, NC 

"So, just got my order yesterday!!! heart emoticon, heart emoticon, heart emoticon, it!!! What great products!!! Sabrina Gennarino you totally rawk girl!! thank you for creating this crap free stuff!!
gotta try it everyone! It is awesome!" Janine R., Charlottesville, VA  and four weeks later...
"I just LOVE these products! Really makes a big difference, been using for the last few weeks. Love the smell & how soft my skin part is the all natural ingredients! You are definitely onto something! Let me know if you come out with a daily face wash."


"My skin is like velvet since I started using Crap Free last week. Love all the products!" Gay M., Ft. Myers, FL

"It's been two weeks since these jars of gloriousness arrived at my house.  I couldn't believe how much product there was! I'm used to paying double for a third of the cream I get! I am in love!  Not even funny how much better my skin looks!  Please, please make a face wash! Please!"  Gina B., Los Angeles

"Used the scrub in the shower.  Got out, saw my glowing face.  Had to touch it and the term, "soft as a baby butt" is all I could think of!  Holy Crap! I love this stuff"  Sara L., New Orleans

"I am a self-professed product whore.  I have tried everything and I mean everything. From La Mer to Oil of Olay and nothing, and I mean NOTHING has given me results like these! I will never and I mean NEVER use anything else from this moment on."  D. Buffett, NYC

"I really like your products and feel and see a difference! I need to be using a bit more religiously. My skin feels 'thicker', if that makes any sense, and age/sun spots seem lighter. My skin tone is more uniform. Thanks, Sabrina Gennarino!" Kevin M., New Orleans, LA